Prisoner Claims

We provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  1. Unlawful detention in Prison

We can advise you on claims where the Prison Service have unlawfully detained you.

Examples of Claims:

  • where the Parole Board have delayed your review leading to you being detained for longer than necessary
  • if you have been detained due to a miscommunication between the Court, the Police and/or the Prison or where an error has been made on your documentation resulting in you being kept longer in custody that you should have been
  1. Assaults in Prison

If you have been assaulted by another prisoner, we may be able to assist you with pursuing a claim against the Ministry of Justice based in negligence.  There is no legal aid available for this type of case but following an assessment of you case, if we believe there is sufficient merit, we will consider acting on the matter on a Conditional Fee Agreement

If you have been assaulted by a prison officer, we can assist you in pursuing a civil claim for compensation for the injuries that you have suffered.  Legal aid remains available for this type of claim.

Examples of Claims:

  • you have received threats of violence from other prisoners which you have reported to prison staff. The prison do not ensure your safety and as a direct consequence, you are assaulted by those that were threatening you
  • you are unlawfully restrained by a prison officer and suffer serious injury
  1. Personal Injury in Prison

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a negligence issue whilst in Prison, we can provide advice and assistance to you.

Examples of Claims:

  • If you slip on water in the kitchen that has not been
  • If you fall from a bench/bed due to a defect
  1. Discrimination in Prison

We can assist with pursuing Equality Act claims for discrimination suffered in prison.

Examples of claims:

  • Reasonable adjustments are not provided for a wheelchair user in prison
  • Failure of the prison to allow prisoners to attend prayers


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