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In 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law to provide: rights of access to the data held (Article 15), the right to have information amended, the right to have information deleted (the right to be forgotten Article 17) and the right to damages for data protection breaches (Article 82).   The consequences of data protection breaches are often serious with a person being refused a job or being sacked by their employer, being refused visa clearance, being evicted from their house or their character being questioned in their local community.

This area also impacts on Article 8 of the Human Rights Act if you can show that your right to private and family life has been breached. If you can show that you have suffered actual financial loss as a consequence of the breach, you may be able to claim compensation

Example of claims:

  • Giving inaccurate information to your potential employers about arrests and convictions when an application has been made for a Criminal Records Bureau check
  • The police giving information to a third party without your consent or failing to ensure certain safeguards are not complied with.
  • The police repeatedly pull your vehicle over due to erroneous or outdated Automatic Number Plate Recognition data
  • A police officer unlawfully accessing the Police National Computer to obtain information

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