Claims under the Human Rights Act | Actions against the Police

We can advise on the right to life (Article 2), the right to not be tortured or subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment (Article 3), the right to liberty and security (Article 5), the right to a fair trial (Article 6), the right to respect for a private and family life (Article 8), the right to freedom of expression (Article 10) and the right to freedom of assembly and association (Article 11). Human Rights claims can be brought separately or as part of existing legal proceedings.  However, there is no automatic entitlement to damages under the Human Rights Act and damages are awarded rarely.

Examples of Claims:

– a police officer detains you without lawful reason
– a police officer discloses information about you without consent
– a police officer prevents you from lawfully protesting
– a police officer conducts an unlawful strip search on you.

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